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The History

Inception Date 1981 Mission Statement
Incorporation Date 23rd February 1983

  • To promote and encourage the sport of waveski surfing in Western Australia.
  • To organize contests and championships for waveski surfers and waveski surfing groups.
  • To foster and encourage a high standard of waveski surfing etiquette.
  • To promote and protect good fellowship among those persons interested in the sport of waveski surfing.
  • To encourage the affiliation of kindred bodies with the association.
Founding Members
Colin Vidler
Paul Meik
Rick Healy

Life Members
Steve Hunter 1984
Trish Pepper 1985
Tony Pepper 1986
Kim Gardiner 1990
Richard Croome 2014
Ian Dodds 2014
Rob Borg 2014
Eric Tocock 2014
Jackie Dillon 2014
Scott Wakefield 2014